The Art of Eyebrow Restoration

April 15, 2016 1:58 pm

The art of eyebrow restoration-GreatHairOK

Eyebrow restoration for a natural look

Plucking, waxing, and natural aging can cause your eyebrows to grow thinner. Over plucking throughout a long enough period of time can actually damage your hair follicles, resulting in thin, sparse brows. Once the follicles are damaged they are very hard to grow back, if they can grow back at all. Eyebrow restoration can bring back the natural shape, size and thickness of your brows for a more youthful, natural look. The art of eyebrow restoration is choosing you precise shape, arch, thickness and size of your brows.

When you choose to restore your eyebrows with a hair transplant surgeon, you can expect brows that are formed perfectly to complement your face. The goal of an eyebrow restoration surgeon is to design, sculpt and shape your eyebrows. Full eyebrows add dimension to your face by creating a symmetrical and proportional eyebrow that complements your facial features. This process involves many steps, including:

• Artistically crafting the shape of the eyebrow using the patient’s facial anatomy.
• Collaborating on the design with the patient.
• Removing single hair grafts or hair follicles from the posterior region of your scalp and implanting the hairs into the eyebrow area.
• Permanent results can be achieved in just one session, with minimal recovery.

Eyebrow restoration takes precision

It takes surgical skill and precision to create the proper acute angle. The hair implant should mimic natural eyebrow hair growth and angle down over the eyes. Hair transplant surgeons make the hair implants symmetrical with the rest of the facial features. Hair will begin to slowly regrow in two to three months and look aesthetically fuller in six to seven months.

Whether you are looking for a full eyebrow replacement, or want to enhance or shape your existing eyebrows, Great Hair Restoration of Oklahoma offers this minimally invasive procedure resulting in minimal or no scaring and a fast recovery for patients who are looking for full natural eyebrows.