Hair Care After Your Hair Transplant

March 7, 2016 4:06 pm

hairstyle after hair transplant

After a hair transplant, you’ll be thrilled and excited to show off your new hair. However, it is important to know how to properly care for your hair after a hair transplant. Proper hair care aids in the healing process for new hair growth, especially during the first two weeks.

Once you have gone through a NeoGraft procedure, the implanted hair follicles need to heal. The old hairs will normally begin to shed after two months; this is an important process the scalp goes through to promote new natural hair growth. At 3-4 months, your new hairs will begin to grow regularly.

Daily grooming

Most surgeons will encourage you to avoid washing the scalp area for at least two days, as this gives the hair follicles time to heal. For a few weeks after the procedure, you should only use a mild shampoo to decrease the hair’s exposure to harsh chemicals. Baby and organic gentle formula shampoos are typically recommended for patients.  After the first two weeks, you can begin to use regular hair products. To keep from losing more hair, it is recommended to add an anti-Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) product like Revivogen, and Viviscal tablets which nourish thinning hair and promotes hair growth to your grooming routine. Another option is to introduce your hair to low level laser therapy like the Capillus laser to induce more energy production in the follicles.

Another factor to consider after a hair transplant surgery is the use of heat. It is recommended to initially avoid the use of heat on their hair and letting it air dry. If you do need to blow dry your hair, make sure the heat is on the lowest setting to avoid irritating your healing hair follicles. After the first two weeks, you may proceed to your normal hair washing and drying techniques.

Styling and coloring

The new hair is completely natural so you are free to style and color it however you want after the first month. Dr. McMullen explains that, “Once the scalp heals, the patient even has the option of wearing a very short haircut without worrying about a tell-tale linear scar that you normally see with traditional strip method harvesting.”

Having new hair growth is a life changing event and can take some time to learn how to style. If you have recently undergone a hair transplant, click the map tool below to help you find a great hairstylist to help you embrace and style your new look.

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