Hair Growth after Hair Transplant Surgery: The First Six Months

August 2, 2016 4:57 pm


Hair growth after your transplant

For proper hair growth after a transplant, your hair must go through a complete healing and growing process. This process may vary from patient to patient, but most see changes in hair growth during the first three months. This guide will help you know what to expect during your first six months after hair transplant surgery.


Month one is considered to be your healing period. More care is required during this time to keep your scalp protected.

Two days after the procedure you may experience some scabbing and moderate redness. You should start gently washing your scalp twice a day at this time with a mild  shampoo. Three to six days after your procedure, most swelling and redness should subside but you should still continue to wash your scalp twice a day. If you plan on heading outside for the day, protect your scalp from harsh sunlight with a hat or bandana to prevent sunburn and peeling.

At the start of week two, the short hairs in the transplanted follicles will start shedding and will enter a resting phase. This is completely normal and is crucial to allowing the new hair to begin growing efficiently.After two weeks, the hair grafts are permanent and you can go about your normal hair care routine. For more tips on caring for your new hair post-transplant, read our blog post about hair care.

Your follow-up appointment is usually two-four weeks after your procedure.This is a good time to discuss any questions you may have with your hair transplant surgeon.


During months three and four, your new hair growth begins!

The hair that previously shed when entering the resting phase is now growing back. Once this new hair grows in, it will remain permanently and will resume its normal hair growth cycle.

With all of this new hair growth, it is important to provide the right nutrients for ample growth. We recommend starting a hair care regimen like Viviscal professional hair supplements and Reviogen Anti DHT shampoo and conditioner.


In months five and six, your hair will continue to grow.

It is estimated that 85% of your hair is normally in the growing phase and should grow about an inch every two months. In most cases, patients will see full hair growth results anywhere from 12-18 months post-procedure.

Have questions about getting a hair transplant or the hair growth process? Give us a call today and schedule your appointment!