Viviscal Professional Tablets Hair Nutrition Program, 60ct.


Hair growth begins from nutrients within the body and Viviscal Professional Hair Nutrition Program nourishes thinning hair and promotes existing hair growth driven by the active ingredients AminoMar and Biotin (Vitamin B12). These essential proteins are proven to promote healthy hair growth.

Viviscal® Professional supplements work in 4 stages over a 6-month period.

The Four Stages of Viviscal-Great Hair of Oklahoma

A difference is often noticed in 2 to 4 months, in line with each individual patient's natural hair cycle. Your hair is always at various stages on the cycle including active growth, transition and resting phase. However with age, the active hair growth phase called the Anagen stage, decreases, becoming weaker and thinner after each cycle.

"I had a poor outcome after my first hair transplant 15 years ago. After having the Neograft hair transplant with Dr. McMullen 2 years ago, I could not be happier!  The addition of Viviscal tablets every day has really helped my hair as far as fullness and looking healthy.  The Neograft was a life saver, and I definitely think the Viviscal and the anti-DHT spray have helped tremendously!" - DS

Viviscal Professional


Recommended for both men and women, Viviscal Professional is the strongest Viviscal product on the market with 28% more of the active ingredient compared to the extra strength options available over-the-counter at your drug store. This product is only available from your doctor or health care professional, is clinically proven, and conforms to FDA requirements for dietary supplements.

For information about other nutrients that assist in hair growth, read our blog post about Hair Growth Vitamins. Call 405-751-4847 for your free consultation and ask about Viviscal Professional for your hair health today.